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Redmi Service Center is still participating in Xiaomi. Not only that, but their excellent products namely Poco and smartTv can also be repaired in the Mi repair center. Interestingly, almost every city already has an official office. Therefore, there is no need to be confused even if there is damage.

There is also an MI from a home facility, and repairs can be made from home. Unfortunately, this facility could not reach far away. Just a 5 km radius from the service center. However, the choice to meet in person was also the right decision. Because from the comfort facility, it’s excellent.

Redmi Service Center also offers interesting facilities in the form of quick repairs, i.e. only an hour. This time starts when the order registration is received. Until the repair is complete. Unfortunately, for the time being, the service is only available in five locations.

All of them are located in the Jabodetabek region. To enjoy it, you have to come directly and make a reservation through In addition, this process can be carried out if the product has an official guarantee from Xiaomi. And still within the warranty period and between the availability of spare parts.

Hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Beyond that, it won’t be processed and you’ll have to wait for tomorrow. It wasn’t just coming directly to the office. You can also ask for many complaints through the call center. This convenience is actually presented by Xiaomi so that customers feel satisfied.

Redmi Service Center Support for Customers

Xiaomi offers different types of convenience by pampering its customers. Therefore, they offer a wide variety of online features. It’s just that time is limited by business hours. 9:00 a.m. .m 6:00 p.m. local time.m local time. So, first pay attention to where you are.

There are many paths that were initially offered through WhatsApp messages with 082117236765 numbers. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the 0800 1 401558 hotline. For a complete list of addresses,  go directly to the website. There you will find your address and phone number.

The official website of the Redmi Service Center also has various price lists. So, when doing the inspection. Or maybe you’re trying to figure out for yourself why a cell phone is the way it is. It also makes it easy for each customer to know how much components they need.

Interestingly, each phone part is different from another. It depends on the type and the phone itself. Just try the search function and you can easily find it. When repairs for the entire price list become available, it’s not enough to get there. For example, the product Mi Note 10.

There is a problem with the battery component and all you have to do is open the web. Next, find out how much it will cost. Start with the repair cost and taxes. Please note that each phone has different charges. However, it should also be noted that if the price list is not fixed, it may change according to price fluctuations.

Repair equipment only 5 days

Xiaomi’s Redmi Service Center also presents new breakthroughs. By offering a waiting period of only 5 days. This has certainly been welcomed by his fans and loyal customers. Usually, the mobile phone enters the service desk as early as possible and takes 10 days.

Interestingly, if it doesn’t complete within that tempo, there’s a guarantee to replace the new unit. This is really good news for all customers. In this way, not everyone has to wait too long. Repairs are only calculated when the service headquarters receives the product.

For example, suppose you give your phone to a redmi service center  on the 10th. And two days later, the product entered the repair table. Therefore, the time is calculated only from the 12th to the 17th. At another time, the product will be newly replaced and sent directly to the address.

But it’s worth paying attention to get it. You still need to make sure that there is a warranty available. In fact, immediately after 5 days, the technician confirms that it is either replacing a new device or waiting for the service to complete. If the new device is new, Xiaomi is not responsible for the data.

Therefore, it is before you take it for repair. We recommend that you back up your data. Therefore, even if something inconvenient happens, all the data is still stored correctly. You can also check back regularly through the hotline service. For ease of mentioning only IMEi numbers.

Guarantees offered by Xiaomi

The Redmi Service Center provides a warranty on a wide range of phones as long as there are still some supporting documents. For example, a battery device that is often used as a complaint. You’re going to get quite some time. About 15 months. In this way, if damage occurs again, it can be claimed immediately.

There is another charger until the accessory is given about 6 months. All products and mobile units starting from Redmi 7 onwards will be given a minimum of 12 months. On the other hand, there are also several types of damage of this kind. So, your phone won’t turn on and off by itself.

Damage to the screen is not due to a drop or exposure to water or liquids. Damage to a wide range of materials due to its structure. Redmi Service Center can also be damaged by chargers, starting with the data cable not working properly. Or the original Xiaomi product will never work.

Before carrying out such repairs and warranties. Xiaomi checks first and tests the product. In addition, make sure that your Mi account is out or out. So that all the secrets in it may not be read. Mi’s side is not responsible either.

In fact, the product loses data. It should also be noted that this warranty does not apply to IMEI numbers even if they are deleted, until they are lost. The damage is also caused by disassembling without the consent of Xiaomi or by handing it over to another service center.

Telephone costs when the warranty expires

The Redmi Service Center also offers services for various Mi products without the use of warranty cards. Or maybe the time is indeed up. There are many services for that. Starting with a software upgrade to hardware or changing from the mainboard can also be done on 16 different phones.

Since there is no guarantee, Xiaomi charges a fee. For software upgrades, the cost is about 120,000 rupiah. On the other hand, for hardware, IDR 150,000. This is not really complemented by various components if there is a substitute. For legitimate or informal products, we also offer service centers.

For now, Xiaomi is cooperating with the Indonesian government and all business actors. Breaking the chain. Therefore, all products remain in compliance with existing standards. Because it is certainly expensive to buy according to the official warranty. However, safety to comfort is absolutely guaranteed.

The service of this repair center is not only to do repairs. You can also buy other products and original accessories such as smartwatches, earphones, etc. If your phone is damaged, we recommend that you bring it directly to the Redmi Service Center.


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