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How to Check the NPWP Number  Online easily

Checking the NPWP number  online is actually very easy. When it will be looked at, there is no need for him to come to the tax office. This makes it easier for users. The various circumstances have occurred over the past few years when internet access is not what it is now. Such ease is not felt, no matter how small.

The number of TIN or the resident of the taxpayer himself is of great importance to the citizen. In fact, the numbers in them serve the advice given by the government to taxpayers. This means that one can easily do it in tax administration. Its existence is symbolic.

This number can be a person’s identity and self-identification. That recognition can be carried out comprehensively with the rights and obligations. But now, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to look at npwp numbers  online. If you don’t know either, here’s how to do it easily and quickly.

How to Check NPWP Numbers  Online

To check the NPWP number  online, customers can open the official website first. The website itself is located at the address When you open, you will see several fields that need to be filled first. Enter the data fully and accurately.

Once filled in, wait some time for the tilmale to lead to the email. There is a difference that will be seen whether that number is still active. If active, the number owner and ID will appear. If it doesn’t show up, this makes it clear that the NPWP is not active yet.

In order to solve this, the tax-owner needs to go to the nearest tax office. The problem notice is experienced and the number is activated by the excise staff. Once finished, check the NPWP number  online for a second time to prove that the card is really active.

In fact, if you come to the tax office, the card activation check can be done there. However you have to ask to be asked for the officer to check the performance. The process itself is not long so it won’t take too much time. The process will be even faster if you have already used the service of the Tax Office.

There is still the way to check  the NPWP number  online. This approach is going by the tax kring. Its own tax credit number is 1500200. The phone number is active for 24 hours. You can check out your activation at any time. There are, however, questions the customer has about getting their tax returns.

Some people ask questions about data security when making the phone call. As a transaction you don’t have to question this. Taxes that work guarantee data security when using this method. In fact, the tax itself began to become active starting in 2012. This long time certainly guarantees good security.

How to do NPWP and Requirements

To check the NPWP number  online, you need to keep the card from the card first. If you want to do it, there are several conditions that need to be met first. Their requirements depend on the type of taxpayer to be selected. The first type is the type of person who does not have a business in a business.

When making this type, the first requirement is a photocopy of an id card. If you are from abroad, a file is needed, which shows an Indonesian residence permit such as KITAS or KITAP. The requirements for business mentors are also slightly different. For this sort of thing, a photocopy of identification also needed to be brought.

However, besides a photocopy of the credentials, commercial license documents also need to be imported. This document is required by law, that your business is really running normally. Permit documents for permits do not need to be presented at the national level. At the very least you should bring permission from the village.

It would be better if evidence on the electricity bills were also provided. Do not forget to mention in writing your own company in writing. With it, you can complete the process of creating and checking the NPWP code  online. Women who want to sort out their tax affairs refer to another type of thing aimed at women.

Because of this type, the requirements that need to be met are even higher. Identity recognitions are the first thing that needs to be brought. After that, don’t forget to also bring  your  NPWP photo and Family Card to your husband. If a man is a foreigner, bring his or her foreign entry tax returns with you.

This is proof that it is proof that the sayga’s side is also fulfilling its tax obligations in the motherland. There is another most important situation. This requirement is subject to the same letters of dissolution of property and taxes. The letter is also required for your husband’s permission so that they can decide on your wife’s tax matters and separate personally.

Advantages of  owning an NPWP b agi person

Once an  online-related NPWP number check is done  and the card becomes active, there are a few benefits that will be available. The first advantage as it is most important is related to the simplicity of the management practices. There are many administrative mechanisms  that  make the NPWP  a mandatory situation.

The first management relates to bank loans. In doing so, customers need to be included in the NPWP active number  . If  TIN is inactive or lacking, the process cannot proceed. In addition to the full requirements the bank will also look at the NPWP numbers  on a regular basis.

By that cheque, the bank will find out whether its customers are tax-compliant. This is one of the functions of the existence of banks because banks and tax offices have already collaborated to launch sovereign tax programs. When the card is active and approved by the bank, there are many types of loans to be made.

The types themselves such as mortgages or home ownership loans, KTA or shqy loans, to multipurpose loans. Making credit cards can also be done with a restriction of up to 50 million rupiah. Remember to check your NPWP number online  when you register for rdn. RdN itself stands for a transaction fee account.

Some people also call an RDI account or investor. This is a bank-owned factor that makes it easier for customers to invest. The types of investments themselves vary from deposits, to national currency, to bonds. Indonesia itself has many banks that open facilities.

These banks are dominated by Mandiri and BCA. Both are actually at the forefront of consumer investment platforms. However, BNI and BRI customers can also use the services.

Its existence also facilitates tax problems

When the npwp number  is  online and the result is active, it is the duty to tax already depend on someone. Naturally this card itself is designed to solve tax problems. When the first possibility is active, it will be seen in the tax return. Reimbursement itself is the claim process when nominal taxes paid are too high.

If an individual’s NPWP is not yet active, the recall process will not be able to be carried out. In addition, the ease of nominal payment reduction can also be done. People you find that taxes are too large can claim deductions for certain reasons.

Make sure to check regularly that your card is still active. If you are not active, move on to the tax office immediately. Don’t let the dormant state leave for long periods of time. After all, checking is very simple because there is already a route to checking the NPWP number  online.

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